The “Adults” Among Us…

27 Apr

I went into the comments section of a Godsmack vs Five Finger Death Punch link, took a look at two comments, and then left disgusted. Here’s a sampling of a few that I saw:

“Godsmack is gooing kick there f**king ass really bad bye bye ffdp”

“‎@ [name removed] FFDP has a bigger fan base than Godsmack?? thats funny has FFDP ever headlined a show?? not that I know of and if they did they were probably the only ones playing it! last 2 times I seen FFDP they were an opening act on the Mayhem tour and the first act to come on for GODSMACK! come on kid get a clue!! I know of four true facts, METALLICA, KORN, GODSMACK AND DISTURBED RULE THEM ALL!”

“Five Finger Death Punch will win (:
Lots of people can relate to their songs.
They are gonna beat Godsmack to a bloody pulp!!(;”

Truthfully, there were a lot of people who seemed okay and were like “well I like them both”.  But on these types of links (either music or sports, probably a few other things I can’t think of right now).  If you want to judge for yourself, here’s the link:

I thought music was made for people to enjoy, not as a gigantic competition over who the better band is. And they say Aspies are socially defected…

100 minutes on a 50 minute exam…

27 Apr

The second proctor for my Calc exam has to be one of the biggest jerk-offs I’ve come across. The first one was my Calc teacher and he’s always tried to do everything in his power to do what he could to help me. The second one seemed to try to guilt-trip us about having extended time, saying over and over again “the exam is 50 minutes and you’ve been given 100 minutes”. Then he attempted to rush us to submit our exams by fucking counting to 3. Last I checked, we’re in college not grade school.

I didn’t say anything to him since technically he wasn’t wrong and he didn’t come directly at me. He was just being an ass to everyone in general. Also, usually I’m given an extra hour but technically double time of 50 minutes is 100 minutes, so that’s not what’s bothering me. It’s how he went about it. If he gave us that reasoning in a more respectful manner, I wouldn’t be so mad about it.

Maybe I’m exaggerating it and taking it the wrong way since we tend to do that. But he seemed like a big jerk-off to me the way he went about ending the exam. He might be one of those guys who wants to get people with special needs in any way possible. I don’t know. At this point I’m angry and I don’t know where to direct it or who to direct it at. If you’re having a hard time following this post, the reason is because my mind can’t make a coherent sentence. I just hope that I’m taking this all the wrong way and he isn’t what I make him out to be. But let me tell you, that’s not a good first impression…

My Priorities Aren’t the Same as Yours…

20 Apr

So as a 19-year-old, I’m supposed to be obsessed with either getting wasted 24/7 or having sex with girls my age nonstop. That’s all I ever hear kids my age talk about. Half the time, I see college/high-school kids putting pictures up of them drinking or drunk and like “yeah that was such a great fucking time! I don’t even remember half of it…” I got two words for that: FUCK THAT.

-Sure, drinking occasionally on social occasions isn’t bad (although I’m on like 80 different meds so I can’t drink anyway). But why would you intentionally get drunk just to impress people at a party? Because if you don’t give in to the massive peer pressure of getting drunk, you’re obviously a pussy, right? If you can’t remember anything about a party that you’re supposed to have a good time at, then what’s the point in getting wasted?

-Sure, sex is good. But I’m not just gonna lie down with anyone who I just met 25 minutes ago. Hell, I don’t feel like getting an STD this young and dying sooner than I have to. I’ll wait for a girl who I know isn’t gonna go sleeping around with 80 different guys. But once again, because I’m not absolutely obsessed with having sex with women, now I’m a pussy for that too. How does that make any sense?!

 Sorry if me being different bothers you, but please go tell someone who cares.  For me, there’s bigger and better things out there than that shit. And they call Aspie’s the closed-minded ones…  Ironic how that works.

Death Punch #2: Scumbag Stepmother & Grandmother

25 Feb


So what would you do if your kid sneaked candy past your nose and you caught them?  Maybe a timeout?  Maybe a spanking?  Some people may even see spanking as child abuse.  How about running?  For hours.  With nothing to drink.  Because you were caught with some candy?  Who would do such a thing?  Well, these people would as you’ll read in this article:

They made this 9-year-old girl run for three hours straight with nothing to drink because how dare she eat a candy bar without permission?  WTF are you out of your mind?  Who would want to torture their child like this?  Hell, I’m twice her age and I couldn’t run for four minutes straight without stopping to walk or take a break.  THREE HOURS?  WITH NO SORT OF NOURISHMENT?  These people who did this are sick in the head.

Luckily, the police are bringing the grandmother and stepmother are being brought up on murder charges.  I hope that these fuckers get convicted and get what’s coming to them in prison.  I know that’s harsh, but these fucking scumbags killed a child over a fucking candybar.  Who the fuck would want to do that?  I hope the residents at whatever prison they’re sent to gets word of this and treats these people the way they treated this kid.

Now I am against the death penalty under all circumstances because I feel that violence leading to more violence will not solve the problem.  So I hope they get to spend the rest of their miserable lives in a tiny prison cell and get treated like the animals they are.  Because only an animal would do this to a kid.  I hope that everyday for them is one of anguish and suffering because that’s what people like this deserve.  I don’t wish for anything of this sort on anyone, so for me to desire such a life for you must mean you’ve done something pretty fucked up.  Wouldn’t you say torturing and murdering a child is pretty fucked up?

If anyone did this to my niece, nephew, little cousins, little sister, or really anyone in my family, they got a big problem on their hands.  And I’m sure parents and any adult would do the same for their kids because no child should be treated like this.  All kids should know that mommy and daddy will protect them, not torture and kill them!

You know, sometimes it just amazes me how low people will go.  But the scum of the Earth always has a way of going lower and lower.  I just hope that no other child anywhere has to go through something like this again.  But for now, these scumbags will be getting the Death Punch and hopefully will be getting a conviction on those murder charges.

Blog Post 2

25 Feb

Here’s the topics of this week’s blog entry:
-Pointless Hatred;
-The Neurotypical Mask; and
-“You Have Autism?  But You’re…. NORMAL!”

Pointless Hatred

Probably as soon as I mentioned that I’m a Philly sports fan, some people probably went “oh, so he’s one of those scumbags I hear about in the news”.  This is without knowing anything about me besides that I like to watch Philadelphia sports teams.  They know nothing about my personality or what kind of person I am.  But, just because I like the Philly sports teams, some people will attempt to make you out as sub-human.

This sort of pointless hatred goes on in things that I like as well.  Again citing Philadelphia sports, fans here hate certain teams and players simply because everyone else hates them.  For example, go up to almost any Flyer fan and mention the words “Sidney Crosby”.  They’ll instantly start calling him a b–ch and a p—y.  Why?  Because everyone else hates him, so it must be the thing to do.  Also, one of the Philadelphia sports books that I’ve read said that if you whisper “Dallas” at the Delaware River, the echo that comes back will be “SUCKS”.  Almost every Philadelphia Eagles fan hates the Dallas Cowboys and any fan of the Cowboys.

I’m not going to lie, I used to do this stuff because like I’ve said, it was the thing to do.  I wanted to be a good Philadelphia sports fan, so I tried to act like everyone else.  Looking back on it now, I think that was just a stupid thing to do.  Why hate someone who never did anything wrong besides wear the wrong color jersey or be born in the wrong city?  It’s just stupid in my eyes.  Now, I judge everyone based on how they act.  I could care less who you root for.  After all, sports is meant for entertainment purposes.  So why are we going to go for each other’s throats over it?

But this goes far beyond just sports.  It happens in everyday life as well.  Don’t believe me?  How do you feel about the people in the Middle East?  Many people view them as sub-human simply because they happen to live in that specific area.  I understand that the people who attacked the US are from that area.  But that doesn’t mean that everyone living there is a scumbag.  They’re trying to do the same thing that everyone else tries to do: care for their family and make an honest living.  Everywhere in the world has bad people who want to do harm.  But that doesn’t mean we should hate an entire group of people because of what a few evil people did.  We need to learn how to love and respect one another and put aside our differences.  That way, this world can be a better place to live in.

And there’s people out there that think Aspies lack empathy and sympathy.  I just want to laugh in their faces…

The Neurotypical Mask

Some people think that Aspies can grow out of Asperger’s and that there’s a cure out there for it somewhere.  I’m here to tell them that they’re wrong.  It’s not that we’ve grown out of our Asperger’s, but we put a Neurotypical mask on to partially disguise it.  It can’t completely cover our Asperger’s and, frankly, I really don’t want it to.  It just allows us to function in a totally foreign world that is the Neurotypical world.  The traits for Asperger’s are still there if you know what to look for.  I still get fascinated at certain patterns that I see or make a certain noise or movement that just isn’t normal to everyone else.  Maybe in some social situations, I get really nervous and start to make no sense with what I say.  These are all signals to the person who’s paying attention that this person may have Asperger’s syndrome.

To this day, I’m not 100% with social situations.  But I know that I’m very good at learning things if I want to find something out.  So whenever I’m confronted with something I don’t know (usually a sarcastic phrase), I’ll look it up online to see what it is.  It’s almost guaranteed to be up on the internet since a lot of kids my age LOVE to put that sort of stuff up on places like YouTube or Facebook.  This helps me to strengthen the Neurotypical mask up a bit, but it will never be a total disguise.  And I don’t intend it to be.  Being a unique person is something that I desire more than fitting into a social hierarchy just to gain fake friends.  So, I’d rather have people in my life who accept me for who I am.

“You Have Autism?  But You’re…. NORMAL!”

I found a video on several Autism blogs and I’d figure that I’d share it with you:

Now a lot of you are rather pissed at people who say stuff like this.  Honestly, I feel completely different.  I like seeing people react like this.  The current social view on Autism is that it’s a crippling condition where you can’t care for yourself and act extremely weird.  People don’t know that they probably have dealt with us in the past without even realizing it.  The last I’ve checked, 1 out of 110 people, or 0.91%, are autistic.  That’s a lot of people, and certainly some of us can function in society.  We just need extra therapy and attention to do so.  Once we get that, we’re usually pretty good at functioning in the world.  So whenever someone says these things to me (unless they’re being a complete asshole like when someone says “you’re acting weird!  People can see you!”), I feel that I’ve educated another person on what the face of Autism is really like.  And the more people we can make aware, the more people will accept us, and that’s the ultimate goal.

Well, that’ll do it for this week.  Please leave a comment if you want to talk about what’s been said in this blog post.

Death Punch #1: the Frauds of Autism

19 Feb


So this page is all about showing people what Asperger’s syndrome is really like.  But I notice that anytime that I’m perceived to be acting rude or offensive, these frauds run away like fucking bitches.  What do they think, autism is this fucking walk in the park where everything is fun and fucking dandy?!  These frauds think that because other pages don’t show the controversial stuff that autism is nothing at all.  Do they know why all these fucking support pages are out there?!  Most of them are run by parents of kids with autism, and they gotta go through hell and fucking back every single fucking day because they love their kids to death.  It isn’t a walk in the park, it’s a walk through the fire of hell itself.  That’s why the support pages are out there: to keep things positive and give people hope that they’re not alone.  But the frauds think that because of all the positive shit, autism is this easy cakewalk.  Well let me tell you something: IT’S NOT!  These are probably the same people who stare at your kid with autism when they have a meltdown in the supermarket and say “just spank it out of them.  Obviously they haven’t been disciplined enough”.  If someone hits me when I’m angry, it only makes me more angry and makes everything worse.  Yeah, shut the fuck up if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Or maybe these are the same people who, as soon as they found out your kid had autism, they left your life.  And by the way, do parents with kids with autism get to hit a dislike button when they think they’re kid is acting offensive or bad?  Do they get that fucking option?!  They don’t, but even if they did, they wouldn’t do it because they love their kids to death.  YET YOU CAN’T FUCKING HANDLE IT ON YOUR COMPUTER AT ANY TIME YOU WANT?!  Parents don’t get the luxary where they can get away from a meltdown.  Yet you can’t handle it here.  This is a message to the supposed autism “supporters” who think that autism is this walk in the park where everything is fucking great and there’s no problems: if you can’t take the heat on this page, dislike EVERY SINGLE AUTISM PAGE AND BLOG that you’re a member of because clearly you have no fucking idea what autism is really like.

Blog Post 1

19 Feb

Alright, here’s what I’m going to talk about for the first regular blog post:
-Perks of Autism?!
MYNAMEISJOEYHOFFMAN: the most interesting page that I’ve ever seen.
-What’s so bad about glutens?

Perks of Autism?!

First thing’s first, and it’s something that may rub some people the wrong way but I feel that it must be said.  Every now and again, I see something in the autism community talking about the perks that come along with autism.  And I’m not talking about how loving or great kids with autism are, but what you can get with a kid with autism.  As a person with autism, it REALLY bothers me.  Honestly, it makes me sick to my stomach whenever I see something like that.  And I feel that many people who are outsiders to the autism community may see us as whiners and selfish people instead of people who love and care for someone with autism.

Now let me get something straight here before I continue: I do not define a perk as something your child needs in order to function or survive in the world.  I’m all for someone with autism getting Social Security Disability if they’re never going to be able to find a job.  But how about if I got SSI?  I can certainly get it since I have autism, but I have a job and will be able to function without it.  So, to take it from another person who really needs it would be selfish on my behalf.  Also, if a child has difficulty walking in parking lots or streets, I have no problem with someone who parks in a handicapped spot if they need to.  But how about if your child, whether they have autism or not, can walk just fine in the parking lot?  I find it selfish that someone would use that as an excuse to park in a handicapped spot.  Why?  Well, if a 90-year-old woman who has a broken hip and bad back can’t park in the handicapped spot because someone didn’t feel like walking a distance to the store, wouldn’t you call that selfish?

There’s a difference between a service and a perk.  Before you utilize anything, ask yourself these questions:
-Does my child really need it?
-Does someone else desperately need this service?
For example, I still have an IEP at my school and still utilize those services (although I think that should be extended to ALL students regardless of an autism diagnosis or not).  But I do not collect SSI or park in handicapped spots.  Even though I could utilize these services, I know that I definitely don’t need them and that other people desperately need them.  I have a job that is able to pay for my expenses and my family pitches in from time to time, so why do I need to rob other people of money that they desperately need to pay for basic expenses?  I’ll be able to survive.  Also, I freaking cross streets in University City in Philadelphia.  In fact, today I ventured into Center City (Downtown Philadelphia) which is 10 times worse than University City.  If I can do that, then I can walk a good distance across a parking lot and let someone who has a bad back and broken bones use the handicapped spot.

Finally, I feel that this sort of shit gives our community a bad name.  People will start thinking that since we brag about all the cool shit we get, that we’re selfish douches.  This gives ammunition to people like Newt Gingrich who will have no problem eliminating things like Social Security and other things that our kids actually NEED to make it in the world.  Is this how we want our community to be defined?!  Do we want to be known as the selfish people who can do no wrong and will bitch about everything and anything?!  Who’s gonna support a community like that?

Let me just say this before I move onto my next topic: I am not trying to be offensive.  This is something that I see on blogs and pages that I really like and it just bothers me.  If I’m taking this out of context or taking it the wrong way (which happens with people with Asperger’s or really anyone), please let me know about it and we can have a discussion about it.  But as a person with autism, this is how I feel about stuff like this.

MYNAMEISJOEYHOFFMAN: the Most Interesting Page that I’ve Ever Seen

I recently came across a page that surprised me.  Upon first glance, I could gather that the page was being run by a young child who had asperger’s syndrome.  Based on how well done it was, I figured that the kid might have been 9 or 10 years old.  Then I came across a post that said that he was in kindergarten.  That makes him one year older than my 4-year-old nephew (correct me if I’m wrong).

That amazes me.  At that age, I barely knew how to operate the internet.  In fact, my mom wouldn’t let me get a MySpace page (before the days of Facebook) until I was 15-years-old.  He also said that he has the reading ability of an average high school student.  But what strikes me the most about this page is how well done it is and how clearly he conveys his thoughts.  It looks similar to other Facebook pages that are about autism.  It totally fooled me that this kid was that young and running a page such as this.

Obviously, I suggest that you go visit his page.  You can do so through the link in the title above or at the beginning of the blog.

What’s So Bad About Glutens?

I never really understood what the problem with glutens is in the autism community.  I never had that problem or never thought that it was a problem.  I ask anyone who has any insight on this to please share a story about glutens regarding you or your child.  Maybe it has been a problem with me and I’ve never noticed it.

Sorry about having the blog up a day late.  Again, I understand that I’ve brought up some controversial stuff here, but understand that I’m not trying to be offensive.  There are some things that just bother me.  If I’m taking things out of context or the wrong way, let me know about it.  Aspies can do that at times.  Anyway, let me know about what you thought about this blog and possible topics for future blogs.